NORMALLY IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT USUALLY IS BUT This is NOT A JOKE MY AIM IS TO TURN 1,000,000 PEOPLE INTO MILLIONAIRES & I CAN DO IT IF WE ALL PULL TOGETHER! So if we can get 1,000,000 people to join this group ‘be a millionaire in 2010’, I will stop the group and teach each and every person in this group to become a millionaire in 2010 and you do not have to pay anything, *THIS IS ALL FREE*, all you will have to do is exactly what I say and how I tell you to do it, I will create a step by step guide and this will only take a short amount of your time to implement * I will not ask you for any of your details, e.g.  bank accounts, so you have nothing to fear *, but we all must do it and keep it in the group.
I do not want people that have money already, I want people that need it, so please give me your reason for wanting it and tell only worthy people. Any questions contact me and to join this group at or email me at
Yours faithfully
Ian Cutmore


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