Loyal Cat

Feline trainspotter

Graeme the cat visits a Melbourne train station twice a day to drop off and pick up his owner


Lucci sharply criticized her ABC bosses for axing “All My Children,”

Susan Lucci

Erica Kane wouldn’t leave quietly if she felt she’d been wronged. Neither is Susan Lucci as “All My Children” nears its end on ABC.

Lucci has memorably portrayed Kane on the drama, which airs its last episode on ABC on Sept. 23, and it’s unclear whether she will be a part of an attempt to migrate the series online. Read the rest of this entry…


Dennis Hopper – Hopper Got To See Son In Acting Debut Before He Died

Dennis HopperDennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper got the chance to watch his son Henry in his first acting role before he died last year (May10) after director Gus Van Sant rushed the movie veteran a rough cut. Read the rest of this entry…


Madonna’s Hydrangea Meltdown Shows Her Snotty Side

One thing’s DEFINITELY off the list, though: hydrangeas. Just like you should never feed a dog chocolate or deliberately expose yourself to radioactive isotopes, you should never, ever, ever, ever, EVER give Madonna a hydrangea.

It’s unclear what the hydrangea has ever done to offend Madonna, but according to a hilarious video taken during a press conference for her upcoming movie W.E., she “absolutely loathes” them.

Take a look:

So a fan hands her a pretty flower, Madge flashes an insincere smile and immediately hurls it on the floor, then rolls her eyes and grumps to someone off-camera about how the fan OBVIOUSLY didn’t KNOW that she LOATHES hydrangeas. Read the rest of this entry…

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Two Monks Sentenced To Prison In Death Of Another Monk

A Chinese court convicted Drongdru, a Tibetan monk, for intentionally killing a young monk who self-immolated at the Kirti Monastery. Read the rest of this entry…

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The Back-to-School Wish List for Your Favorite Navy SEAL

Navy Seals

The Benchmade 150BKSN Marc Lee “Glory” Knife is the go-to knife for war fighters and civilians alike who want to honor and express their gratitude for the valor, leadership and extraordinary self-sacrifice demonstrated regularly by Marc Lee and his fellow SEALs on behalf of our nation. Read the rest of this entry…


9/11 Memorial As 10th Anniversary Nears, U.S. Close to Defeating al Qaeda

When the U.S. went to war with al-Qaida almost a decade ago after the terrorist organization launched a deadly attack against the U.S., killing thousands and taking down New York’s World Trade Center towers, the contest at times seemed unwinnable. Over the past decade, some pundits and experts even labeled it that — the unwinnable war. Read the rest of this entry…



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