I researched this TV by looking at all the online reviews for the model ES7100,
ES8000 & F8000 Samsung models. I went to Best Buy and watched the F7100 on
live TV (baseball game). Reading that the gesture and voice commands caused
issues, auto-dimming and higher 720 motion ratings many not make that much
difference in overall performance – except in price (up to $400), I took the
F7100 into consideration. There is a Quad vs. Dual processor down grade with the
F7100. I leaned more towards the F7100 because of price vs. features, 3rd model
down from the top. I actually enjoy messing with picture settings and making the
picture perfect. I ordered online and purchased a 3 year warranty at a very good
price. I was nervous about reading the one star reviews but I am also coming
from a 10 year old Samsung 46″ DLP TV that has worked flawlessly the whole time.
I thought I would take the plunge and glad I did. I wanted an LED TV vs. a
Plasma, but in the store they both looked great.

I’ve had this UN55F7100
Samsung model for about a week now. I would rate it between 4 to 5 stars and
here’s why.
After a few hours of playing with the picture settings and
advanced settings, using a Time Warner cable box with HDMI connection, the
picture is spectacular for 95% of the HD content. The other 5% is due to the
“soap opera” effect or some minor juddering but not enough to sway me. Sometimes
it almost seems “too clear” (I guess that why it is called soap opera). I read
in one of the reviews to turn off the “Digital Noise” setting and custom reduce
the juddering in the advance settings. That seems to work.

I love to
watch my sports, specifically hockey and with the Stanley Cup Playoffs currently
playing, to me it is like watching it Live- Awesome picture. The TV is awesome
with sports and I did NOT encounter any juddering with the puck or players. The
ice, people and play was just so enjoyable I was glued to the screen. No “soap
opera” effects with sports. The dark and black scenes are super crisp &
pitch black, better than I have ever seen on any other DLP or LED TV. Flesh
tones are mixed in standard setting with some picture calibration of the
settings I was able to get them very good. Most of the time the flesh tone is
excellent, other times a little off. I think it really has more to do with the
HD content. Example: American Idol the flesh tone was perfect, in commercials;
some are perfect others not so much.

Set up was easy although the user
manual is very light in content. 2D to 3D is cool but not why I bought it.
Looking to play 3D Blu-ray on my new OPPO Player I purchased from Amazon. (I’ll
be reviewing that soon). The internet set up was easy but login process and apps
are clumsy. I have not been able to check out for very long so it could be user
error on my part. I was able to launch a movie menu but have not paid for one
yet. Tried to launch Netflix but that was not successful, I need more time to
investigate. The TV guide loaded from the cable box however changing the
channels using the TV did not change the channel (I have to use the cable remote
like before on my old TV), again something I need to investigate before I
determine it is a TV issue however it did recognize the guide and lists the
programs. The firmware did update fine. Sound is OK and the TV has a few
different sound settings but nothing special. The HDMI inputs are on one side of
the TV and power cord on the other side. Small detail but interferes with some
cable management. The stand/base is for the most part sturdy & swivels but
it is plastic and not metal as I was expecting. For a 55″ TV you need 2 people
to properly put it together, but it is up in about 20 minutes.

I did not
buy the TV for the “Smart HUB/internet” (but did buy the OPPO Blu-ray player for
Netflix) and I did not buy it for the sound as I have an Onkyo receiver and JBL
speakers. I DID buy it for the best LED TV & picture. My wife and
mother-in-law just love the picture and can’t get over the clarity on shows like
Idol, Dateline, Criminal Minds, etc.. Friends can’t believe the great picture.
Overall I love the TV and hopefully soon will work through the other things like
“Smart Hub” and the “Recommendation Guide” built in the TV.

Star Rating:
4-1/2 stars overall, 5 stars on sports, 5 stars on Black/Dark Scenes, 4 stars
“Soap Opera” effect (Still working on settings), Internet/Guide 3 stars for now
until I get that resolved, Samsung service has been great but I only did “Chat”
asking about TV Internet Set up.

I’m sure with all new products there are
going to be some that out of the box are not good, for me, it has worked great
since set up and running it for about a week. I also read it takes over a month
for the colors to “settle in”. Non-HD picture is just OK – but I came from a DLP
TV so I would compare it as the same as my old TV. This TV is made for Blu-ray
and HD content.

I tried to be as clear as possible in my review because I
know there are others who may spend a lot of money for a TV. Yes it is
expensive, but I also spent a lot on a Blu-ray player because I want the Ferrari
TV. Yes, for the money is should be perfect, and it’s not, but from what I saw
in with my eyes and reading the reviews, I’m glad I chose the F7100 Samsung.

Best Price