African American issues had been grabbing the headlines in recent years and My Black News [MyBlackNews] had been leading the dissemination and subsequent discussions and debates on said issues. My Black News searches the internet for African American issues that may not be easily available to the reader. The visitor of My Black News website will find discussions about African American issues in the areas of government and politics, community service, entertainment and global events. In addition to African American issues, My Black News provides some of the internet’s most interesting off beat stories, tech news, and entertainment.

My Black News has a wide range of news categories that makes it a well rounded publication and a leading Black Online magazine for the dissemination, discussion and debate of African American issues. These categories include: Latest News, Videos, Black Community, Business News, Education, Entertainment, Government and Politics, Health & Fitness, History, Opinions and Blogs, People, Religion, Sports and World News.

The August 30, 2010 online edition of My Black News is an excellent example of the important role of this publication in disseminating African American issues. An article picked up from the Guardian of UK discusses the lives of New Orleans residents as the city slowly gets back to its feet five years after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and the many controversial issues that it spawned in its wake. Sure to ignite discussion as well was the article taken from The Huffington Post on Glenn Beck and the Conservative Movement in the United States. An opinion piece taken from on Redefining Convention People’s Party [CPP] as a Calling Prophecy and Promise! shows the engagement of My Black News with the global black community. The author, Kabu Okai Davies asks rhetorically if African Americans can fulfill the promise of Martin Luther King why haven’t Ghanaians fulfilled the promise of Nkrumah? He exhorts his readers that this is the moment to Conceive, Prepare and Plan for Change, Possibility and Power.

My Black News is highly valued in the African American community for as it disseminates African American issues relevant to the community that are not featured in mainstream publications. My Black News helps inform and build solidarity in the African American community which will explain why it has gained the reputation as a leading Black Online magazine in propgating African American issues.

An interesting feature of My Black News that contributes to it becoming a leading Black Online magazine is it allows subscribers to post their own news articles, free of charge. The only requirement of My Black News is that the subscriber/contributor obeys all copyright rules and law and gives prior credit to the original authors and publishers and that the article is free from excess swearing and pornographic material. There are also free online games that should entertain and give a break to the online reader.

The reader can follow My Black News’ Twitter Page and at Facebook at: My Black News’ Facebook. For more information visit Myblacknews.

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My Black News is a unique Black Online Magazine that presents all the daily news covering various topics ranging from Business, Health & Fitness, Sports, Religion and more.


Here is where you will find the most simple and easy to use playbooks for Youth Football, Pop Warner Football, and Junior Pro Football.

Our playbooks are written for beginning coaches of Youth Football, but have valuable information for all coaches at all levels.

Get your information from coaches that have experience. Over 35 seasons of combined experience on the EZ Playbook staff.

Get your information from a collaboration of coaches instead of just one view point. Being able to put two heads together, one Defensive Football Minded and one Offensive Football Minded on each playbook closes gaps, and eliminates things that just do not work.

All our playbooks include
*Example Diagrams
*Simple ways to integrate the playbook into your system
*Step by step teaching points
*Coaching Points
*Building Block Design
*Support directly from the author

More Details Here

Get your copy to scout opponents, and get to know their schemes. You can never have enough information. The key to coaching football is knowing as much as you can about your opponent. Good coaches get information from every source they can.

The Offensive Playbook focuses on the Wing-T Offense, a motion base distraction, and confusion offense that looks complicated but is as easy to run as it comes.
Built on simple principals, and easy to use blocking schemes, the Offense Playbook is perfect for those looking for an entire Offense or just a few simple plays to integrate into an existing Offense.

Written by a Coach who has experience in all levels of Coaching from the absolute beginner of Youth Football up to the highest level of High School Football. Coach P understands the need for a simple easy to use Offensive Playbook for the youngest beginners of football, to youth who are just ready to enter the high school ranks.

The Defensive Playbook focuses on the 3-3 Stack Defense. This may be a more common defense than you think, but it is written in maybe a slightly different way than you are used to seeing. The 3-3 defense is also known as; the 5-3 defense, the 3-5 defense, the 3-3-5 defense, and even more. The Stack Defense is an attacking defense, disrupting the offense through movement, stunts, and blitzes from all angles. The defense is meant to confuse an offensive blocking scheme. It is an aggressive free wheeling style of defense meant to let the players play, and not think. Perfect for Youth Football.

Written by a Coach who also has experience in all levels of Coaching from the absolute beginner two hand touch players, to the highest level of High School Football. Coach Kip knows that the easier you make a defense the more likely for success.

For this price these books make great additions to any Football Coaches Library. If you are not ready to purchase the books sign up for our email list and get information on clinics, updates, drills, coaching tips, and stories from the front lines all over the country.

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Cost to do business extends far beyond the standard fix costs of rent, utilities, insurance, etc. Recently, I read of these two business costs:

From the 30,000 viewpoint, many of the costs within these two figures can be attributed to taxes in some form or another. The word tax has Latin origins and means to determine the value of something. Unfortunately today, taxes have gone beyond appraisal and now extend into all aspects of business.

Are all taxes necessary? The answer to this is No. Yes, some taxes are vital to ensure the necessary public services including law enforcement, fire protection, road repair, education, etc. However, many taxes are a way for government to fund itself, as government does not make money. It must redistribute the dollars generated by the productivity of businesses and individuals through a process called taxation.

For many firms, especially small businesses, taxes are viewed as a necessary evil. Hence, efforts to increase sales and profitability are not necessarily embraced with enthusiasm. The real issue of taxes is probably fourfold:

The first issue is that taxes are viewed as an unlimited resource. When government fails to act responsibly, its first action is to raise taxes.

Issue number two is the actual use of taxes. Is government using the taxes both efficiently and effectively? Waste in government from local to national has been documented over and over again.

Especially in difficult economic times, businesses are continually being forced to reduce or cut costs to stay afloat.
Yet, government continues to expand. No wonder so many business owners have resentment regarding taxes.

Third, taxes negatively affect productivity. When taxes become oppressive, individuals start rethinking why should they be working so hard while others are not?

Also, business productivity research suggests that only 25% of the employees are actively engaged on the job. The other 75% are disengaged to actively disengaged on the job. When employees do not provide an hour’s worth of work for an hour’s work of pay, the taxes from payroll to regulations still must be paid.

Fourth, the public views taxes for businesses differently. There exists an almost “They (Corporate America) can afford taxes, but I cannot” belief. In the book “Corporate Canaries,” the author makes a very valuable point: When businesses make profits, they are paying taxes. Payment of taxes is corporate citizenship.

Taxes contribute to the cost of doing business and can dramatically affect productivity. To remain profitable, businesses must look at future growth (productivity) and balance it against increased taxes.

Bottom line is that in many instances businesses are today’s real tax collectors. Unfortunately, many citizens do not understand that when corporate taxes are raised, the customers will be the ones paying the taxes and productivity will suffer because businesses will engage in reduction in force to outright terminations.

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It is important to know how to choose a proper skincare regime, and establish which products are natural as well as creating some luxury on your budget. You need to learn how to devise a cosmetic shopping list that meets with your monthly budget. As opposed to cosmetic products that were available decades ago, present day skin products and cosmetics have differed drastically as most of the products now contain harmful chemicals. Using cosmetics that contain harmful chemicals will eventually have an effect on the skin. In spite of some of the products claim to fame, they are not effective and in many instances cause the skin to break out.

Nowadays there is a wide selection of skin care products that are organic, natural and beauty without cruelty that are made from pure natural ingredients that enhance natural beauty and when choosing discount cosmetics Brisbane you need to check the label before purchasing these products. As opposed to chemical based cosmetics pure mineral and organic based cosmetics are a far healthier alternative and are fast becoming the latest trend in cosmetic fashion. Purchasing cosmetics and make up can be a costly endeavor, and the best way to shop for cosmetics and save on some of these costly items is to search for discount cosmetics. There is a host of well known brands and designer cosmetics up for grabs on the internet at discount prices. However, you need to be aware that there are generic make up lines that are sold at really good prices, and there is also products being sold online that could be bogus or product that have already expired.
Search for discounted cosmetics that mention the ingredients that each product contains. Make sure that the cosmetics also contain anti oxidants, vitamins, herbal ingredients and normal emollients. It is important to know your skin type and purchase cosmetics that match your skin type to avoid reactions and break outs. For instance, if you have acne and oily skin, then you will only purchase products that will help you to overcome your skin problems.

Keep these above tips in mind when you next purchase cosmetic from a store or online. A wise choice would be to buy products that contain natural ingredients. Such products will improve your skin texture as well as moisturize and revitalize the skin making the skin look much younger. In addition, using natural and organic cosmetics mean that lab animals such as cats, mice and rabbits won’t have to go through painful experimentations, or lose their eye sight or beak out in sores due to cosmetic testing. Enhance your beauty the natural way.

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What is a Baton? There are Batons for conductors, twirling, and the one that we will explore today; the expandable self defense baton. I will layout the description, operation, advantages, and disadvantages associated with the expandable baton.


· The expandable baton comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate different arm lengths. It starts out 8 inches long and expands to 16, 21 or 26 inches long depending on which one you purchase.

· It weights approximately 15.4 oz

· Nylon holder that fits on any belt with Velcro closer to keep it in place during activity.

· Foam handle for easy gripping.

· You can accessorize some units with different holders, caps, wrist straps and flashlights.


· Pull it out of its nylon holster and it is ready to use in close tight situations.

· Whip your arm and wrist and it expands open giving you more distance from your assailant or suspect.

· To close the unit point it vertically, tip down and tap the ground. Don’t try and close it with your hands or by tapping it on tables, desks, any wooden or delicate surfaces or items you don’t wish to have damaged.

· This unit is used for striking, blocking and control techniques. Proper training is a must with this product in order for it to really be effective.


· Because of its diversity it works well for all the different types of people. Patrol officers don’t have to remove it from their belts before entering their vehicles.

· Plain clothes officers can conveniently keep them under their suit coats.

· Beat officers and Swat can quickly run and maneuver without interference.

· For self defense it can go anywhere you go for the same reasons previously stated.

· Durability and multiple uses; some other self defense products are good for only one or a few uses like TASERS and Pepper spray.


· Heavier than other self defense products.

· Multiple taps to collapse

· When holstered doesn’t have visual deterrence abilities due to its compactness.


I hope this review gives some in site into the particulars of the expandable baton.
Is this the correct fit for your personal security & self defense needs? The expandable baton is a very effective self defense product with proper training. Always check your state and local laws to be sure they are legal to carry in your area. Remember the best time to learn your lesson about personal security and self defense is before something happens.

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Adam Sisterhen is the president of Your Personal Security Store and author of personal security and self defense articles. He is a proud advocate and a firm believer in personal security and self defense products that help protect you, your family and your loved ones.


Do you want to download a high quality anti-spyware, anti virus software? In today’s highly digitized world, it is important that every computer user understands what spyware and viruses are and what they are capable of doing. Research and statistics show that more than 92% of all PCs that have access to the Internet will get infected by malware at some point in time. Therefore it is essential that you download anti virus software to keep yourself and your family’s information safe.

1. Why Should You Download AntiSpyware, Anti Virus Software? Can’t You Do It Manually?

Most beginner users would try to find the malware manually but fail to change anything in the end. This is because viruses and spyware are constantly infecting other files and changing their hidden names, and they scatter themselves all over the hard disk and registry. It will never be fully uninstalled if you simply look for the infected file and delete it.

With anti virus and spyware removal tools, you will be able to get rid of all the malicious software because of their malware file definitions. Regardless of what the file is named, these protection software can automatically find these errors quickly and remove them without damaging any other component of the system.

2. Why Do You Need to Protect your PC from Spyware and Virus?

By allowing it roam freely in the system, spyware can get access to the users’ confidential information such as credit card numbers, bank account and login details as well as passwords etc. They are created with the purpose of collecting private information from unsuspecting users so that they can be sold or even used for identity theft.
They are more commonly used to gather information about the web surfing patterns of the user to create spam mail. Therefore, you should download an antispyware, antivirus software if you are seeing spam mail or any other unusual error messages.

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Are you looking for the best AntiSpyware Anti Virus Software? Don’t do it yet, because the author has found many bad spyware and virus cleaning software on the web. Read the author’s review of the Top 5 Spyware & Virus Removal Software on the market now at first!


Write my paper are services which are offered by write my paper services which are offered to students who are rather busy with their academic activities thus failing to meet deadlines. Similarly, the write my paper services are extended to students who are working towards expanding their review writing skills. Such often seek the write my paper reviews which act as guidelines in developing the strong areas which are pointed out and working on the weak areas. Scholars and non-students who are in writing can also request for the write my review services so that they can identify and work on major areas in writing.

The write my paper review services can be extended to write my critique which works on key weaknesses and strengths of any written work. Consequently, a lot needs to be done in having a writer who has been conducting write my paper tasks severally as the paper being reviewed may be quite difficult to comprehend. Hence adequate analytical skills are required for the write my paper services which are not biased but based on the content that is in the write my paper essay.

It is equally important that the writer of write my paper task should have a great command of the English language or any other depending on the one the paper should be written in. therefore, the writer will be able to understand the key ideas that are presented in the paper and in so doing write my paper accurately. This is made possible as individuals who can read and analyze concepts of the write my paper in English are more likely to compile a high quality write my paper essay.
The write my paper should also be written in such a way that the sentence structure should portray a high degree of professionalism and understanding of English grammar.

The write my paper task always aims at answering questions based on suitability of topic, content and attainment of goals which the writer had in mind. Therefore, for the write my task to be successful, these attributes must be met while the writer has to work on the critical element when analyzing the quality of work. Failure to meet all the requirements of the write my paper task results in poor quality write my paper which does not attain good grades.

The other equally important characteristic of the write my paper activity is that it should be properly formatted and edited such that the legibility of the paper should be maintained highly. This is essential as the quality of a write my paper essay is dependent on the arrangement. The content may be relevant and solid but lack of a proper arrangement of the ideas and points in write my paper distorts a rather good paper. This is also made better by editing the work such that unnecessary parts and information is cut out of write my paper thus ensuring that only details which are essential are included. Consequently, editing requires that the writer of the write my paper prepares the essay in a way that makes it easier for the reader or lecturer to read without many problems. This makes it easier for the lecturer to award better grades for write my paper essay.

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Diabetes is a very common problem nowadays, which is a condition that arises when the body is either unable to control high blood sugar level because of deficiency of insulin or insulin is not functioning properly. It causes excessive urination and persistent thirst along with increased hunger.  The three types of diabetes are, Type 1 Diabetes also called insulin dependent diabetes mellitus i.e. IDDM or called juvenile diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is known for Non – insulin dependent mellitus i.e. NIDDM and also known as adult- onset diabetes. Third, one is gestational diabetes. It is important to understand the treatment and other facts related to diabetes to deal with this problem, efficiently. You can subscribe to current health news that provides information on several diabetes treatments that is available in the market depending upon the need of the people.
One should stick to the diabetic diet i.e. the normal diet with few changes and proper spacing between food intakes. Avoid diet that increases sugar, i.e. fats, potatoes, rice, and alcohol and avoid smoking as well. Let the exercise become the part of your daily routine. Always use elevator instead of stair, do jogging, etc. to stretch your body for at least 30 minutes a day. Try to reduce stress by practicing yoga. Avoid sleeping daytime. Make sure your weight should be proportionate to your height and for that, one must have to follow a strict diet chart prescribed by the doctor as planned meal always helps in lowering the fat and cholesterol.
Health news today  has various articles on the same field and informs its reader about preventive measures to control diabetes. If you are the patient of Type 1 diabetes, you need to take insulin, as your pancreas does not make insulin.
Insulin helps glucose to get into the cell to give them energy. Lack of insulin allows the excess of glucose to stay in the blood. Type 2diabetes is the general type and the problem starts when the body stops using the insulin. If your body is not using the insulin, you need to take the pills. There are some cases where people have to take both insulin as well as pills. There are several kinds of pills available in the market and every pill work in different manner. One should keep themselves update about the latest information on the specific problem and precautionary measures by subscribing to daily health news.

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The Daemon Opinion is a papers to perfect your embody the filler and the make. If you change proved some construction to idealized your embody to be much cute and failed, then you can try this system.
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In this schedule, it gift say you that your body has a ratio, and you leave be looked charming when you get to this ratio. It also explains to you why you proven so numerous structure and failed, and equal get to an paired select. Because you retributory do many physicals preparation and get your embody and sinew large and large. It is posture and not the contour of a unbroken embody. You unsuccessful to get your goal, and the crush is your big body that is ossified to commute it any more.
You get the wrongdoing way. The complete and fetching embody is not exclusive health and power, but also in benevolent ratio and situation. Then the info will recount you how you can get an prepossessing body. There are two mainly direction, grooming and fast. Finished the breeding that the Daemon Phenomenon designed for you, you present get a intelligent and fresh embody, not the big embody. You necessary to do three steps for this training, and foremost you are persevering to have statesman than one 1000 pages of this assemblage and obey it.

Of pedagogy, it’s designer for you.
Iii breeding steps are dramatically dissimilar from what you do before, which aim to bod a fountainhead proportioned embody. And the fasting faculty resign you the nutrition what your embody needs.
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Do not wastefulness your term on unuseable or bad training any author. Fair try this announcement, pursuing the orientate and postulate you give get the unit and alter that you eff set before. You faculty get an entrancing embody in women eyes at penultimate.

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As a former sufferer, I have written many articles on the subject of urinary tract infections. I decided to do a UTI Remedy Report review after being sent a copy by the author. I wanted to find out if the strategies within the report were robust enough to deal with even the most painful of attacks and, of course, to stop those potential attacks in their tracks at the first sign of a twinge.

First and foremost, we all know that when you have a full-blown infection, what you need is action. The last thing you want is to read a manual which tells you all about urinary tract infections, how they happen and what doesn’t work. When you are curled up on the floor in agony, unable to sleep at 3am (as I often was) this is no good at all.

So, I was looking for positive steps you can take to firstly alleviate the pain, which is, in my opinion, the priority. Yes, we all want to learn how to kill off the bacteria and of, course, how to prevent further attacks. However, there and then we need to know what will stop the pain and give us some relief.

The UTI Remedy Report is packed with lots of general information-all of which is useful at the right time. For example, it goes into great detail explaining what causes urinary tract infections, who is at risk, what the symptoms are and what conventional treatments are available. It also explains the impact of your diet on urinary health (I found this a real eye-opener) and which alternative and complementary therapies can be useful.

Within the report, there are details of three natural remedies using surprisingly “everyday” ingredients and if you have these to hand, any one of them might work for you.
However, what I found to be the very best aspect and what my UTI Remedy Report review focuses on is the claim that you can be “UTI-Free” within 12 hours.

Now before reading the UTI Remedy Report and completing the review, I wondered how this claim could be made. It seemed very specific and I was intrigued to learn how this could be the case.

I was very surprised to see a specific, 12 hour action plan. This gives you a different step to follow on each hour and is very precise. You are given a list of grocery items to gather up before starting and then off you go.

On hour one, for example, you are told to drink an 8 ounce glass of water and take a certain supplement. Within this first hour, you must also complete another step for fast pain relief. What I really like is that when completing these hourly tasks, a full explanation is given as to exactly why each step will work and why it is done at that particular stage of the 12 hours.

At the end of the 12 hours, and 12 steps later, you should be feeling significantly better, your pain and associated symptoms having gone.

If you visit my site, you might like to take a look at the symptom checker which will alert you if you need to visit a doctor. In addition, there is further helpful information on home remedies for urinary tract infections.

If you would like to learn more about this report and the UTI Remedy Report Review, please visit Home UTI Remedies.

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As a long term sufferer of urinary tract infections, Rebecca had taken numerous courses of antibiotics-none of which seemed to shift the infection. She finally found a way to naturally manage the condition and is now completely free of UTI’s.



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