Making Money in the Fitness Business

A brutally honest, real-world look at how to become successful in the fitness industry, told by one of the most renowned veterans of the business. Thomas Plummer explains the ins and outs of the business in detail, using real-life examples, providing illu


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Money Making Card Magic with Rudy Hunter - Easy to Learn

Money Making Card Magic. List of tricks:

*All Backs
*Crimp Card
*Sneaky Peek
*False Cut
*Double Lift
*Hofzinser Spread
*One Handed Top Palm
*Secret Change

Subliminal Parapsychology
Flip Switch
Color Change
Rise, Rise, Rise
Sign Card & Wallet
Ambitious Card Routine
Card To Pocket
Birdcage Vanish


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Making the Most of Your Money Now: The Classic Bestseller Completely Revised for the New Economy

Consumers Union named Making the Most of Your Money the best personal finance book on the market. Now Jane Bryant Quinn’s bestseller has been completely revised and updated for 2010 and beyond. America’s most trusted financial adviser, who helped millions of readers meet their goals in the 1990s, has done it again — providing a guide to financial recovery, independence, and success in the new economy.Getting your financial life on track and keeping it there — nothing is more i (more…)

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Vasst Training DVD :

The Vasst Making Money Making Video is the first-ever DVD that outlines how to be successful in the Video Production Industry. Kevin Hicks and Brian Blog guide you through the entire process of Making Money Making Video. Over an hour in length This DVD covers every step of the process including, Getting Established, Negotiating, Saving Money in Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production and lots of Expert Tips. Watch Making Money Making Video and Increase Your Profits in all (more…)

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Attracts Money Incense Hem Sticks

HEM incense sticks have a pure clean burn, with a fantastic aroma. Hem Attracts Money premium masala incense. This a scent above the rest. Money drawing incense that truly has a wonderous scent. Use this to attract good fortune and prosperity your way.


Heavy Metal Bands

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Making Peace with Money By Jerrold Mundis Read By the Author

Making Peace With Money is about creating a relationship with money that is free of stress, worry and pain. It offers practical advice on getting debt under control and managing spending, then outlines principles for changing psychological attitudes and opinions about money, for bringing more money into your life, and for using it more effectively and pleasurably. It also addresses topics such as earnings, debt, work, generosity, and wealth and provides exercises and mediations (more…)

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The Real Secrets to Making Money

The Key to success begins with this video. Anyone can learn to invest successfully!


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Australian Business and Money Making Opportunities

Australia’s No.1 Opportunities based business magazine covering all types of business and money making opportunity. Also, provides information on business know-how, wealth creation, and personal development.

Australia’s No.1 Opportunities based business magazine covering all types of business and money making opportunity. Also, provides information on business know-how, wealth creation, and personal development.


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The story of money (We the people)

From Publishers Weekly

This prolific team tackles the advent of legal tender and a mini-history of economics in their latest picture book. The concept of barter is introduced and then shown evolving into the modern practice of trading money for goods and services. Currency’s physical development is also chronicled, from Native American wampum to Spanish “pieces of eight” to various European precious metal coins and printed paper bills. Although the text contains a vast array of f (more…)

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Rock 'N Learn: Money & Making Change


This video is a great introduction for your child in learning how to count money and make change. It includes games and songs that young learners will enjoy. Join animated characters Penny and Bill as they teach about denominations of coins, strategies for counting coins and cash, skip counting, expressing money in written terms and more. The songs are catchy and make learning fun. This product is great for use both at home and in the classroom. –Dr. Toy, 10 Best Video Pr (more…)

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